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Hydrojet is going Battery Electric.  By popular demand and request of major US Marine Manufacturing Company.  We are almost done with development and testing.
Drive units you can self install in all types of watercraft will be available very soon. 
Please stay tuned.

Update: Motorized SUP Prototype completed
First Fishing Models now being made.

Motorized Jet Drive or Motorized Paddle Board System for small water craft like Fishing Model Motorized SUP, Canoes, Kayaks etc. Leisure, Rescue and Military applications possible. New innovative invention US Patent Approved. State of Florida. US Coast Guard approved manufacturer ID code HDJ. Endorsed and Inspected by Florida FWCC. Recognized and compliant with FL HSMV tag/tax offices. First in FL to ever apply for legal status and regulations compliance of this type motorized jet drive water craft.

Nobody has ever produced such efficient thrust with a tiny 1.3 HP 35 cc motor and jet drive.  Motor is worlds smallest OHC 4 cycle very eco friendly.  Meets and exceeds all USA and EU EPA emission standards.  Gas tank is only .6 quart but you can achieve 5-10 miles depending on conditions.  If you carry small auxiliary gas tank you can go many hours or many miles. Speed approximately 4-5 knots, can go all day long. Motor and jet drive weighs 18 lbs. lightweight, efficient and innovative in design.

Legal Information
Any canoe, kayak, Motorized SUP, Motorized Paddle Board,Motorized Jet Drive, jon boat etc. with gas or electric motor installed in deck is now legally considered an inboard motor water vessel (inboard motor boat) and must comply with all State and USCG regulations.  That is the Law.  We went to great lengths to be legal and compliant.  Legal to purchase, own and operate in FL and all US states.  With purchase you receive bill of sale and official tamper proof MCO (manufacturer certificate of origin).  Present these at your local tag/tax office to receive title, registration and marine numbers.   

Proudly "Made In The USA" By US Military Veterans
US Pat No. 9,193,426

To Order Please Contact: President Tony Mier  386-216-3206