This is Jim our 6-4 260 lb engineer in early test ride with battery powered Hydrojet in a small flat bottom Pirogue.

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Until further notice we are no longer making Honda power Hydrojet, instead concentrating on battery electric Hydrojet and propless trolling motor.

Update: Motorized SUP Prototype completed
First Fishing Models now being made.

Motorized Jet Drive or Motorized Paddle Board System for small water craft like Fishing Model Motorized SUP, Canoes, Kayaks etc. Leisure, Rescue and Military applications possible. New innovative invention US Patent Approved. State of Florida. US Coast Guard approved manufacturer ID code HDJ. Endorsed and Inspected by Florida FWCC. Recognized and compliant with FL HSMV tag/tax offices. First in FL to ever apply for legal status and regulations compliance of this type motorized jet drive water craft.

1 HP 12 Volt battery electric powered Hydrojet Drive Systems for small watercraft with thin flat hull. Easy to install weighs only 11 lbs. All you supply is 12 volt battery of your choice. We use a small lunch box size 380 amp battery it kicks butt. Depending on desired run time small or large battery or even pricey small light lithium battery can be used.

Proudly "Made In The USA" By US Military Veterans
US Pat No. 9,193,426

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